The Exercise Prescriber is an essential tool for health professionals who regularly provide home exercises for their clients. Health professionals involved in client rehabilitation would include Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Doctors, Orthopaedic Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Sports Therapists and Exercise Physiologists.
Stop Watch

Quick ... Smart

3 simple steps:
Search for the exercises you need
using our simple body charts.
Select the ones you need.
Send to your clients email address.
Stick Man Drawing

What does your stick man diagrams
and line drawings say about you?

Great in the 80’s, okay in the 90’s but now the world
has moved on. Show your clients you embrace
current treatments and concepts and show your
competition that you mean business.

Simplicity ... at Work

A clinical tool that is functional, familiar and easy to
Tape Measure

Clinical Governance ...
how do you measure up?

Improve adherence to exercises by using narrated
video clips instead of stick man diagrams
and improve clinical outcomes and client satisfaction.

Telephone Triage Services ...
the missing link

You’ve given advice over the phone and posted
out some line drawings. Without an adequate
demonstration, can you be certain that you’re client
performs them correctly without any risk of injury.
Give them a chance, give them narrated video clips

No set up fees, No long term contracts and No hassle. welcomes you to the 21st Century.