AQP or not AQP?… that is the question.

Whether it is physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports therapy or chiropractic – small, local private MSK clinics have much to offer their communities.  They provide a personal experience where the practitioner knows their patient and their past medical history. The clinician can draw on previous experience to determine what treatments are effective for that patient. These small … [Read more…]

Meeting new clinical needs

With a changing health market that places greater emphasis on the self management of musculoskeletal problems, a new clinical tool has emerged to assist physios in providing their clients with both exercises and information about their conditon. The makers of the tool, the Exercise Prescriber, say it is a useful response to NHS reforms and … [Read more…]

Right sizing to survive…

The difficulties facing NHS Physiotherapy managers … and in Our Virtual Clinic….Our Physio Direct service gains the human touch… During a recent CSP’s ‘Survival Guide for Managers’ I was able to gauge the levels of concern from NHS physiotherapy managers for MSK services. There was broad agreement that a NHS Outpatient department will need to … [Read more…]

Happy New Year? How to survive in 2012

I recently attended the CSPs ‘Survival Guide for Clinical Leaders and Managers’ seminar at Bedford Row, London.   The physiotherapy delegates, mainly from the NHS, received a stark message…. in order to survive the NHS reforms against Any Qualified Providers (including osteopaths and chiropractors) from the private sector they must provide leaner, more accessible services which … [Read more…]