A closer look at:

Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar

Not all fats and oils are the same. Some are better for you than others. It remains a contentious subject and more research is required. For the moment it is considered that :

Olive oil is frequently used in the Mediterranean diet so it is thought that the monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) it is rich in may be more closely linked to good heart health than saturated fats such as butter and lard.

Sunflower oil also contains MUFAs. Other vegetable oils contain polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFA. Some studies show that swapping saturated fats such as butter and lard with these types of oil may benefit health.

Butter can still be eaten, as can vegetable oil spreads such as sunflower but you should never choose it over olive oil, rapeseed oil or an olive spread if you are eating two tablespoons of vegetable oils a day, which is the amount found to be beneficial. Butter is high in fat and so eating butter on top of that might mean your weight starts to increase.