Is our ISO27001 accreditation duller than Nicholas Parsons ?


In the 1970’s there was a well crafted piece of graffiti, adorning a concrete roundabout in Harrow reading ;  ‘Nicholas Parsons is the neo-opiate of the People’….but if you’re truly looking to battle insomnia then there can be no better remedy than the pain staking, meticulous processes involved in ensuring your patient information is kept water tight.

Here at we have done the hard yards to retain our ISO27001 status. It took us two years to achieve it (and cost wise ? don’t ask….our FD is still recovering !)…and this is our 3rd year of retaining it. As far as we are aware we are the only exercise prescription software company that has taken your patient information seriously enough to achieve it.

We would love of course to only dedicate our time, energy and resources into more interesting things but ultimately we understand that all our clients;…from sole traders to high profile corporates…need to be absolutely certain their data is handled with the greatest possible care (or ‘information governance due dilligence’ as they say).

If you are a company that handles patient data in the public or private sector ; chances are you’re one laptop left in the back of a taxi away from a front page headline. You’re organisation might dot the i’s and cross the t’s but what about those in your supply chain ?…… one mess up from them and your corporate reputation is toast.

So our advice to you ? Check if your software provider is ISO27001 accredited and if they’re not… come and talk to us. We’ll make sure that ‘We make clinical lives easier…patient lives better’ but also ensure your reputation remains intact.

And as for the great Nicholas Parson’s…. that pesky dauber’s views were totally unfounded. We loved seeing you ‘Live from Norwich for the quiz of the week’…Keep up the great work !






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