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What is the exerciseprescriber?
The Exercise Prescriber is an essential tool for health professionals who regularly prescribe home exercises for
their clients. It is the only exercise prescription tool that allows you to send narrated video clips of your
exercise program to your client AND provide them with online patient information pages about their
musculoskeletal condition.
Online patient information pages

Exercise programme

Today's purchasers of health want to be informed about their condition. They will need to be reassured that you have understood their problem and that you can provide effective intervention. A client is often confronted with a bewildering number of choices when searching the internet for information about their condition. The information may be confusing, not trustworthy or presented at a level meant for only clinicians.
The exerciseprescriber.com is the only exercise prescription tool that allows you to provide research based, online information pages to your client about their musculoskeletal condition. It saves you money on pre printed patient information leaflets, increases client satisfaction (your word of mouth marketing) and ensures that you meet the high standards
of quality care.
Today's purchasers of health care are seeking the highest
standard of clinically effective treatment. A clinic that does
not embrace innovation is at risk of losing business to its
competitors. The exerciseprescriber.com allows you to send high quality HD video clips to your clients desktop or their mobile phone. It will demonstrate that your clinic uses the most up to date clinical methods and technologies. If your competition is still handing out poor quality line drawings and stick man diagrams - what does it say about their standards of quality care.
Who will the buyers of health most likely go to?*
Ten ways exerciseprescriber.com can improve your service and increase your profits

*Beware.... this works both ways. If you are experiencing a drop in your client numbers it could be that there is an exercise prescriber member already operating very close to you !

Increase Revenue

  1. Retaining your clients and gaining referrals from your competitors requires you to exceed client expectations. Using exerciseprescriber.com allows you to demonstrate an innovative approach to patient care. They'll consider if your exercise prescription is this good how great will your 'hands on' treatment be.
  2. Time is money: If you are spending valuable time drawing stick man diagrams, photocopying exercise cards or at your PC trying to find the exercises you need using your current exercise prescription tool then this is time that is eating in to your profits. The exerciseprescriber.com has been designed so that you find the exercises you need in seconds not minutes. See more clients and increase your revenue.
  3. Time is money... again: Once you are familiar with the high quality of clinical output you can consider leaving the exercise demonstrations to us. Time saved with one client is time freed up to see another. See more clients and increase your revenue.
  4. Quality pays: As unpalatable as it may be clinic owners need to be as business savvy as the commercial world around them. With margins being squeezed, other forms of increasing revenue need to be considered. Profits on selling consumables such as orthotics and orthopaedic supports are accepted income streams in most practices.... so why not the delivery of exercises? How much would your client pay for high quality narrated video clips of exercises that they can follow against poor quality line drawings or stick man diagram that they cannot? ... 50p, 1, 5... It's your decision. Consider how many clinicians are working at your organisation, how many clients they will prescribe exercises to over a month and multiply this by the amount that you consider the client will be happy to pay. It should easily cover our membership costs and leave a healthy increase in revenue for you.
  5. Show innovation and win contracts: Your services will be in demand as long as can prove that you stand out from the crowd. Put yourself in the position of the large scale purchasers of your services confronted with a steady stream of providers all saying and doing the same things. How can you tangibly demonstrate that you have a fresh and innovative approach to healthcare and that you are committed to improving clinical outcomes? The exerciseprescriber.com is a great way of showing that you offer higher standards of health provision and help you win those contracts.

Decrease Costs

  1. Save on advertising costs and put greater emphasis on Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Often WOMM is taken for granted but research reveals it is the most effective way of advertising a product or service. This is achieved by creating products, services and customer experiences that generate a conversation-worthy "buzz" naturally. The exerciseprescriber.com delivers a new method of delivering high quality healthcare that will get your clients talking positively about your service. Furthermore if they are achieving better outcomes by performing their exercises correctly then they will continue to do your marketing for you.
  2. Save on printer ink, paper and photocopier costs: It is easy to dismiss these costs as being necessary and relatively minor in comparison to other outgoings such as staffing levels, rates and rents. However you will undoubtedly consider the costs of becoming a member of exerciseprescriber.com. Calculate what your current outgoings are for these expenses and see how these will be significantly reduced by using electronic means of delivering exercises and advice.
  3. Save on pre- printed patient information leaflets: It is a requirement of most private healthcare companies that you provide your clients with information about their injury and advice on how to get themselves better. Often this is supplied in the form of costly publications that often do not cover the full spectrum or depth of content about the musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions you encounter on a daily basis. The exerciseprescriber.com has a large database of MSK conditions that allows you to send this information electronically in a format that is readable and easy for your client to understand.
  4. Service redesign: Whilst the exercise prescriber is an excellent clinical tool it offers a great opportunity to create or transform services. An example of the exercise prescriber being an 'enabler for change' is within telephone triage services whereby the patient is able to receive exercises and advice at the earliest opportunity over the phone. This can help reduce costs and for some produce a highly marketable and effective healthcare solution.
  5. Go green: To save money on printer ink and paper is one thing - to help save the rainforests is another! Reduce your carbon footprint by sending exercises and patient information electronically. It is the environmentally friendly way to go.